20 July 2011

ReaderCon Shout-Outs

We played the pier on Venice beach
The crowd called out for more
Zappa and the Mothers next
We finished with a roar
Jimi was so kind to us
Had us on the tour
We got some education
Like we never got before

Chicago, "Scrapbook"
I promised myself I wasn't going to put off blogging about ReaderCon for weeks like I did last year.  So, like Chicago did in this song, I'm gonna start with some shout-outs!

Bart and Kay -- thanks for hosting the Broken Slate release party/Crossed Genres reading, and for giving me the thrill of my short writing career by letting me read "Combat Stress Reaction."  And, Barbara, again, sorry for missing your reading--but I was glad to have met you a bit later.

Carrie -- thanks for introducing me to, and letting me share food and drink with Ken Liu, Claude Lalumière and Camille Alexa!  Didn't I tell you it was going to be a blast?!

Carrie, Claude and Camille, and [edited to add] Lucia -- thanks for hanging at the Crossed Genres reading.  Camille, your story was awesome!

Ken -- Great to meet you!!

Conni -- thanks for letting me be +1 at [redacted].  Thanks for signing Retro Spec for me, and see you at Dragon*Con!

Eric -- I have no choice but to bow down to someone who can get three writers I was too intimidated to approach for a second ReaderCon in a row (and others) to read for him on stage!  And not for the first time, either.

Calista -- It'd just been too, too long! So great to catch up. :)

Next time: I came for the people, but I stayed for the panels!