16 July 2013

Bibliotheca Fantastica Is Out!

I've been remiss in announcing that at long last, the anthology Bibliotheca Fantastica, is finally out from Dagan Books!  Here's my introduction to the book.  Trust me, this one is worth the wait!  (Not that I'm biased or anything...)

You can pick it up through Amazon for your Kindle, or in a DRM-free format--the epub file epub, mobi, (which also works on your Kindle), or PDF either individually or as a bundle!

15 July 2013

"On the deck of a starship / With her head hooked into Andromeda..."

I'm so not used to having a Monday off after a con that I forgot that I'd put in to have today off. That's okay, because it affords me some much-needed extra sleep and the chance to do my Readercon write-up in what is, for me, record time!

That doesn't mean I have the brainspace for anything coherent.  I'm doing this while I'm awake, typing up little bits here and there, and then I'll set it to post after I get to bed.  Then once I've had more sleep and time to reflect, I might talk about some panels later.

03 July 2013

Chapter LX

From Heavy Metal
We're still 18 years away from 2031 when, if I'm still around, I'll be 58 but still look the way I do now depending on what sort of genetic and/or cybernetic modifications I'll be able to afford.  But that doesn't stop me from feeling like an ancient relic now.

But believe it or not, I'm in a better space than I was this time last year. Just.