19 September 2011

Dragon*Con 2011

No, hell hasn't frozen over. I'm still missing self-imposed blogging deadlines.  I'd intended to kill two birds with one stone and doing something for Speak Out With Your Geek Out.  And, what could possibly be more geeky than going to the 25th Dragon*Con?  So, rather than consider myself two weeks overdue, I can imagine I'm only two days. ;)

Anyway... William Shatner, Martin Landau, Sylvester McCoy, Mark Sheppard, celebrity run-ins, awesome costumes, and Jefferson Starship--yes, I had an absolute total fucking blast!!

15 September 2011

Day Late, Dollar Short

I know I know... it's been months, now.  And since Readercon, I've been to Dragon*Con and have given my presentation at the 2011 Rod Serling Conference.  But this unfinished post has been in my queue forever and my brain just won't let me move on until I've finished this one.

It's the proverbial dollar short and day late, and it's pretty long.  Here goes...