30 April 2008

"Everyone Stopped to Stare..."

Why is there an upsurge in hits to this site from folks Googling the phrase, "While the music played you worked by candlelight?"

20 April 2008

Before Battlestar

Much as I love both incarnations of Doctor Who, there's one show I will always like better, and that's Blake's 7.

Moral ambiguity, a corrupt galactic Federation, terrorists-as-heroes, story and character arcs. Unfortunately, a lot of those episodes were visually comparable to the Doctor Who episodes of the time. Plus, some episodes were stinkers, too. If someone new to the show caught the wrong episode, he'd probably swear it off for life.

Luckily, the folks at io9 have put together How To Get Into Rebel Space Opera Blake's 7


Nancy Kress noted, during a panel discussion at Eeriecon:
...it's more acceptable to readers to kill off characters than to kill off dogs and cats. I can vouch for this, since my July novel from Tachyon, DOGS, ran into some publisher rejections because 'the content would be too offensive to dog lovers.'

19 April 2008

Brain is Broken


How the fuck...no, this can't be real...

Can it?

Edited to add: Son of a bitch, it's true! It's true! Ahhhhhh!!!

First Drafts

You just know there's a script draft where the Dad's line is, "Well, your friends are hot."

15 April 2008

09 April 2008

06 April 2008

March Scorecard

Yes, I'm behind. No excuses. March has a full slate of family holidays and commitments. Still, I've managed to get more done in March of '08 than I've had in any previous March. As measured by numbers, however, well...

2 (1 resub/1 new)

In the Zone

Last week, I attended the 2008 Rod Serling Conference at Ithaca College, where Serling taught from 1967-1975. I scored a pass because The Wife was a judge in their scriptwriting competition. I saw a lot and learned a lot that I didn't know. The best part was a session where the speaker presented video clips of small- and large-group lessons given by Serling himself at various workshops. Here's one such clip, thanks to the piracy joy of YouTube.

The keynote speech at the conference was given by the past dean of the Park School of Communication who had access to unedited clips from this series, filmed on a soundstage at I.C. after a moment, so the story goes, where they finally realized the need to capture Serling's teaching on camera. The man who was "the head of the class" in that last clip said a few words, as well.

I'll post a few more clips later. There's something about them, but to say they're "inspirational" doesn't seem quite right. There isn't too much that any writer hasn't heard a thousand times over (Serling himself would probably say that). But maybe it's the sense of universality and timelessness in these forty year-old clips.

In any case, I'm still reeling.

05 April 2008

Twiddly Diddly Dee

The editor of Six Sentences reminded me that I have a Twitter account. Thanks, Rob!

As the Billy Joel song goes, "Send up a signal, I'll throw you a line."