31 July 2012

"Funny how things come undone..."

As is typical, it's been weeks since Readercon and I've yet to post anything on it.  I have those posts in the works--it's just been an hard couple of weeks with Life, the Universe, and Everything.  I'll be honest, I've been in my own personal funk.  Given that, posting my con wrapup has been the last thing on my mind. But I find myself so appalled and disgusted with the whole Readercon harassment debacle -- I'm still a little too disgusted to rehash it, so here, just read it -- that I realized that I'd never get my con posts up unless I talked about this first.

03 July 2012

Chapter XXXIX

It's my hope that by the time I hit Chapter XL, I'll be able to look back on the time between now and then, and have at least as many good things to say as there was about the year 2261 in the Babylon 5 universe...

And because it's a holiday weekend as well as my birthday, the peanut gallery is closed. :)