27 May 2012

A One-Sentence Story

I woke up yesterday morning and found myself @-bombed on Twitter as I slept.  Once I had my coffee and figured out what it was all about, I saw that I was dared to come up with a one-sentence story (the longer, the better) before Wednesday.  I was going to wait until Tuesday night since I'm not the biggest taker of writing-challenges.  But then the idea struck, so I figured why not take my brain-dump now. :)

Thing was, I jumped the gun a little too fast and wrote a story that was just, IMO, too much the same as someone else's.  Kinda really ticked myself off actually, but in the end, I did (despite how often I told myself not to) the only thing I could do.

So, Anatoly, Alex, Ken, Jake, Carrie, Damien, Tom, Amanda, and whoever else I might have forgotten -- you have no one to blame for this but yourselves... :)