01 January 2010

"We must set brand new goals/ We must not lose control..."*

(This is from my new planner--nifty, huh?)

Like just about every other writer's blog out there, this is where I get to talk some about my 2010 writing goals.

This is mostly brainstorming, really. It's thinking at what's known in the GTD-world as "horizons of focus." Specifically, the things I'd like to see for my writing future at the "30,000 foot level" (i.e. 12-14 months from now).

I'd like to network better. In 2009, I made some strides in connecting with other writers (online and in person) and with other artists. Playwrights, poets, filmmakers, and musicians. But I passed up a lot of opportunities, too. I was shoulder to shoulder with Joyce Carol Oates for a split second, but said nothing, not even when she was signing. Legendary comic book writers from the 70s & 80s come through this town once or twice a year. One of them even lives here, and I haven't introduced myself to him.

The reason is my dread of the thought of being that over-eager writer who gets told by a seasoned master, "Go away kid, you bother me." Time for me to get over that. And I'm going to at Readercon 21!

I need to get my lit/flash fiction back on track. This is sort of related to the networking goal. Between here and Twitter, I need to make time to get back into Fictionaut and Zoetrope. I briefly connected with some writers whose work I idolized before I focused on genre stuff, but lost touch. Plus, I learned so much there from the critiques I got from my flash pieces. I was kinda dumb to let that slip away, but you know what? My accounts are still active, and it's never too late, right?

12 is the magic number. That's one story per month, written, submitted and kept in circulation. If none of them sell by next December, fine. But they will be in circulation.

I need to move a bunch of back-burner non-fiction projects up to the front. I confess, stubbornness is part of what motivates this goal. I'm irked that I haven't been able to repeat my McSweeney's success of five years ago--though I admit, my efforts have been lackadaisical at best. But it's not just humor I'm interested in.

I've mentioned my "seekrit #wip" on Twitter. It's secret because--again, this is a pride thing related to my networking fears, I think--the whole thing could be a wash at any time, and I dread the thought of answering questions like, "Hey, what happened with that [seekrit #wip]?" with "Eh, nothing."

Suffice it to say that it's going to be a researched non-fiction work, and if I can pull this off, it would be quite the feather in my geek cap.

Okay, I think my brain is sufficiently dumped. Maybe today I can actually do something about some of these.

*The title's from here, btw...