12 December 2009

Performance Anxiety

I admit it, I don't read enough blogs and I the ones I do read, I don't read closely enough. I don't read them at all if they don't have an RSS feed that I can plug into Google Reader--even then, I skim and speed read. Most of the time, the entries I do read are ones that get my attention through the people I follow on Twitter.

Hell, I tweet so much, how often do I even write in this one? I'm making an effort, though. For awhile, I let this blog degenerate into a tweet archive. I've been making an effort, though. I put an end to the LoudTweeting. But I did fail at a couple of points along the way. I didn't start my 2009 Rod Serling Conference posts and I'm still catching up on my thoughts on last month's Astronomicon 11.

So, what reawakened the blogging desire? The feeling of "Oh shit, people are actually coming here to read this!" thanks in no small part to some of my favorite tweeps who've started following this thing and have actually plugged it on their blogs.

Follow--and actually read--these folks. They're writers at every stage, writing every sort of thing, listed roughly in the order I met them (if my faulty memory serves)...
I know that I've missed a good number of people! Some, but not all, of these folks are Followers on that there sidebar on the right. For more, check out my twitter list of the usual suspects.

If nothing else, reading these folks will keep you occupied while I figure out what the hell else I'm going to talk about, on something resembling a regular basis.