19 September 2008

"All afternoon, those birds twitter twit"

...except for yesterday, when LoudTwitter didn't ship my "Tweets for Today" here, probably because of Twitter's update. Here's the recap.
  • Firefox/Twitter login troubles fixed. It was a goshdern add-on that's updated its update. I can sleep the sleep of angels, now.
  • It's been two days--I miss writing.
  • Fell off the red-eye wagon! I couldn't help it!! :(
  • Sitting in a computer lab in front of a 19" monitor. I could get used to a 19" monitor.
  • Trying to force myself to take a BREAK during lunch, and not force any writing or schoolwork. But, I'm tempted...
  • Would really rather use a legit version of some stats software. But there are ways... >:)
  • Tonite's writing agenda: checking to see if my latest project really can go without 1,250 words, or if I need to leave it.
  • Feeling cranky after one red-eye. Well...one red-eye and two additional cups of coffee.
  • Attempt to get legit stats software: Denied. Fine. ;)